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About Us


“Aquablue was established to deliver high-quality product and services across the country. We are the authorized distributor for  ProTeA and Sanitrade in UAE. Our objectives are to bring the environmental friendly products and help the humanity and the trade. We have a dedicated team who can assist you from demonstration process to installation and maintenance.

ProTeA boasts a rare scientific knowledge in the field which makes it able to technically and scientifically solve all problems of odours, bacteria, mites, viruses, etc for the commercial and private sector. Aware of the complexity and variables of this exceptional gas, ProTeA can ensure proper environmental and water analysis for the choice of the most suitable systems or for the study of new proposals.          ProTeA ‘s aim is identifying the uniqueness of each case devoting a number of specific systems for different sectors in order to give the desired solutions.

SANISHREDDER comes from the idea to provide a simple device capable of minimizing the overall dimensions and stabilize the microbial components of the accumulated waste. SANITRADE caters to every industry, be it civil, naval and rail, requiring the use of equipment and systems for specific problem-solving sanitation. All systems and components produced or distributed by the company are manufactured under quality control. ISO 9001:2008 certified company

Trunz Water Systems has converted the vision of a simple self-sufficient water treatment system into practice. The mobile, independent water treatment and water desalination systems are powered using integrated photovoltaics and wind generators. This means that there are virtually no boundaries to using this system anywhere in the world. Trunz innovative and environmentally friendly technology produces clean drinking water from polluted water and salt water with solar and/or wind energy. Depending on the raw water quality the water treatment/desalination systems are equipped with an ultrafiltration membrane or a reverse osmosis system. A main benefit of the systems is their exceptionally low energy consumption, compactness, and environmental friendliness.

Hope this website will give you more details about our products and we welcome you to contact us for any further clarification or assistance.”


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